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“My fellow citizens in Atlantic Beach can count on me to work hard to restore needed stability, trust and transparency to our city government. Together, we can retain our neighborhood character, quality of life and make sure our city’s finances are on steady footing for our kids and grandkids.”
— Dr. Ellen Glasser


Pro Proven, trusted leadership

PRO Fiscal Responsibility

PRO Law Enforcement & Public Safety

PRO Neighborhood Character

PRO Small Business

Ellen's Platform

Ellen will:

  • Build and empower a cohesive team of qualified professionals to better manage and protect our city;

  • Restore public confidence in city government through greater accountability, communication, and transparency;

  • Develop a long overdue comprehensive strategy to enhance economic vitality and eliminate business constraints;

  • Create an inclusive environment for residents and stakeholders through positive and ethical leadership;

  • Actively support all city employees and emphasize the importance of diversity, fairness, and equality.

*Ellen will expand upon these key issues as the campaign continues via blogs on this website shared on her social media channels.