Lessons I've Learned from my Mom, Ellen Glasser by Daisy Glasser

by Daisy Glasser of Atlantic Beach, Florida


The mayoral race in Atlantic Beach is coming to a close, and so I ask myself: what have I learned during this summer of electioneering? And what has this race meant to me, especially as a millennial? For starters, it has taught me the importance of being engaged in local politics and of defending time-honored institutions. It has taught me to strive to be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem. It has taught me to try to make a difference and take a stand for what I believe is right and true - - wherever and whenever possible. These are particularly important lessons for a young person because let’s face it; it is difficult to be a millennial in our turbulent times. Twenty-four hour news…inescapable. The charged 2016 presidential election…that’s our frame of reference. Social media and its tremendous pressure…my generation knows no different. We grew up seeing our world shattered…after all, we were children on September 11, 2001.

It’s all very unsettling. Questions swirl in my mind. What will the future bring? Are we living on the edge? Who will set a positive example for us and for generations to come? Who will restore faith in public service? Who will answer the call to serve? Whoever that person is will be a true patriot, and may God bless that person! This time, the patriot answering the call is my mom, Ellen Glasser. This is a woman who I admire, respect, and love and who was brave enough to even enter the race. She is committed to justice, she is a consummate professional, and she possesses an indefatigable will. She has succeeded at everything she has ever done in her life, and is able to find the gift and opportunity in every challenge she faces. I truly believe that she will make Atlantic Beach better if she is elected.

Perhaps an auspicious sign I’ve seen in many places around the city says this: “If you are lucky enough to live in Atlantic Beach, then you are lucky enough.” We’re also lucky enough to live in this country, with all the freedoms that brings. But we cannot take them for granted. The lessons I have learned from my mother this summer are lifelong. Stand up. Stand out. Get involved. Be engaged. And if you have the skills and qualifications and the “right stuff,” maybe you will consider running for office. Who else will defend those freedoms and institutions?