Chicago Tribune: Coming to you Live! MSNBC Apologizes for Broadcast from Home of Terror Suspects

By Kate Mather and Joel Rubin


FBI officials later said they had completed their work at the townhouse and relinquished control of it.

"When we're done with a location, we return it to the rightful owners and we have to leave an inventory under the law of what was taken," FBI Director James Comey said. "People got to see our great criminal justice system in action."

Ellen Glasser, a former FBI agent who coordinated a counterterrorism task force in Jacksonville, Florida, said anything left behind would be compromised but authorities may have gotten everything they needed. She found the spectacle unsettling.

"I thought it was bizarre," said Glasser, a professor of criminology at University of North Florida. "I've never seen that kind of thing happen before."

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Coming to you live! MSNBC apologizes for broadcast from home of terror suspects

In the smaller of the two bedrooms, a white crib was piled with baby blankets and toys. Stuffed animals filled a laundry basket. A white bear peeked from the bottom. On a desk nearby, loose change was scattered next to a student ID card from a local university.