ABC News: Robert Levinson Family: Despite Iran Pledge, No New Info on Missing Ex-FBI Agent


Ellen Glasser, former president of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, told ABC News that she is convinced Iranian officials know exactly how to find Levinson. She also blames the U.S. government in part for Levinson’s dire predicament, as it has still not officially admitted Levinson’s connection to the CIA, long after such an admission may have been useful.

“It’s like a criminal case,” said the 24-year FBI veteran, “the short period after the crime has occurred, that’s the critical time period to get somebody released. So I believe that after Bob was taken, valuable time was lost as the government, the CIA in particular, was trying to figure out how they were going to handle this. I can’t tell you how much was lost, but I think that was gross mishandling, absolutely.”

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Bob Levinson: U.S. must do right thing (Opinion)

Wednesday marks the ninth year since Bob Levinson, described last year by the FBI as one of the longest-held American civilian hostages in history, disappeared. Every citizen in America should know Bob's name and understand the urgency of his plight.