Fair Campaign Pledge

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As a candidate running to be your Mayor in Atlantic Beach, I believe that the issues in this nonpartisan campaign should be openly and fully addressed in a fair, civil, professional and productive manner. Negative campaign practices only serve to create and exacerbate community divisions and divert attention away from the important issues affecting the future of our community and our families. 

To this end, I am making a voluntary pledge of my intention to run a positive and professional campaign that is consistent with my vision for Atlantic Beach, even though applicable laws and regulations do not require that I do so. At my request, R. Michael Perkins has agreed to serve as my campaign Ethics Officer. A Jacksonville native, Mike is a former Assistant State Attorney and retired FBI Special Agent. In his last FBI assignment, he served as Chief Division Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer for 14 years in the Jacksonville office. He is currently in private practice. As a friend for over 20 years, I greatly admire Mike for his strong faith, his unwavering moral compass, his ethical values, and his strict advocacy of the rule of law. I am so pleased that he is a part of my team.

Accordingly, I, Ellen Glasser, hereby voluntarily pledge to abide by the following ten principles throughout this campaign: 

1.  I shall endeavor to run a positive campaign focusing on the issues important to our community as well as emphasizing my suitability and qualifications for the office.  

2.  I shall at all times conduct myself professionally and in a manner endeavoring to set a positive example for our community. 

3.  I shall not make statements that falsify, distort, or misrepresent facts, or approve the use such statements in campaign materials.

4.  I shall limit any criticism of my opponent(s) to legitimate challenges of his/her record, suitability, qualifications, statements, and positions.

5.  I shall not publish, display, or circulate anonymous campaign literature or advertising, nor tolerate my supporters doing so.

6.  I shall request that my campaign supporters not interfere with the display of campaign signs or the distribution of campaign literature in support of my opponent (s). 

7.  I shall not use or condone the use of any form of bigotry or prejudice in the campaign, especially when based on race, gender, age, religion, national origin, or disability.

8.  I shall not use or permit the use of malicious untruths or innuendos about the personal life or family members of my opponent(s).

9.  I shall not make or condone any unfounded accusations that discredit the credibility of my opponent(s).

10.  I shall strongly discourage any third party from attacking my opponent(s) with any information or materials inconsistent with the personal standards I have pledged above.