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In your time working with and/or knowing Ellen, why do you think she'd be a great Mayor of Atlantic Beach?

Susan L., Former Colleague 

Since we first met at FBI HQ almost 25 years ago, Ellen has never failed to impress and amaze me and others with her energy, dedication to the job at hand, and integrity…Ellen has successfully worn many different hats, including as a Supervisory Special Agent at FBI HQ and in the state of Washington; faculty member at the University of North Florida; vice-chair of the Florida Crown Chapter of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI; and senior coordinator of the ad hoc march on the White House to demonstrate opposition to clemency for the convicted murderer of two FBI Agents, Leonard Peltier.

Ellen's most notable work came as the National President of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, an organization of more than 8000 former FBI Agents.  Ellen was duly elected by her colleagues and served in that capacity with distinction and devotion to duty.  The Society thrived with her ideas and leadership.

Walter L., Former Colleague & Security Professional

Serving with Ellen as our FBI careers were beginning, over 30 years ago, gives me particular insight into the remarkable person she is. Early in her career she stood out among a group of standouts, she exuded calm leadership and epitomized the Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity expected of an FBI Special Agent. All one needs to do is take a look at her impressive résumé to understand the trajectory of her career and life stayed on an amazing track of excellence and accomplishment. Absolutely no doubt that the same level of dedication, commitment and loyalty, along with experience, education, fair mindedness and leadership, will be immediately evident when she is elected to serve as Mayor of Atlantic Beach, Florida.


Joe C., Former Colleague, Security Professional

If there ever was a person in whom I would have complete faith and confidence to get a job done,  Ellen would be at the top of the list.  Her personal success as a wife an mom along with professional successes during her remarkable career as a Special Agent of the FBI, have consistently demonstrated that she is a “go to” and “get the job done”  person.

Robert G., Former Colleague & Security Professional

Ellen is very smart and hard working with a very good feeling for people and a fine moral compass.  Under her leadership the Society (of Former Special Agents of the FBI) grew in numbers and the services provided to members increased dramatically. .. Her ability to manage a large organization with strict fiscal discipline and a firm grasp on priorities was particularly strong and she managed to do this without major “dust ups” with some very strong personalities.  

Kathy L., Former Colleague, Security Professional

Ellen is a class act and will make a GREAT Atlantic Beach Mayor!  She is a woman of immense integrity, character and courage. She leads from the front with energy and enthusiasm and is a professional with all the tools in her toolbox to be a fantastic Mayor. Atlantic Beach will only become a better place to live with Ellen at the helm.

Tara W.,  Former JSO Executive

Ellen has devoted her life to her family and public service. She can be trusted to make the right decisions for Atlantic Beach!

Al S., Former Colleague, Security Professional

Ellen is a results oriented "Can-Do" individual with many significant achievements to her credit.  She would make an outstanding mayor.

Chris K., former FBI ColleAgue

If you've met Ellen you know how incredibly smart and personable she is. Having had the pleasure of working closely with Ellen as an FBI Agent, I can also assure you that her integrity is unassailable, her personal bravery unfailing, and most notably her dedication to getting the job done is unrelenting. Atlantic Beach is very lucky to have the choice of Ellen Glasser for Mayor. I wish she was running for Congress!


clyde g., former FBI assistant director

While Dr. Glasser was Secretary of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI and later President of that fine organization, I did have the pleasure of working directly with her on some Society projects.  I soon saw that she was a very intelligent, hardworking and committed individuals who returned significant results while she occupied those offices...I believe she will be a strong and effective Mayor of whom the citizens of Atlantic Beach will be proud.  It is my great pleaser to endorse and support Dr. Ellen Glasser for Mayor of Atlantic Beach, Florida.


KIMBERLY H., former FBI colleague

I am fortunate to have known Ellen professionally and personally for several years.   Time after time I've seen her begin new challenges or set new goals after reaching another.  Most people would be satisfied and satiated to meet one goal.  Not Ellen.  She says no to status quo. She has led a life of service for the protection and advancement of others in a variety of ways across the nation.  She has an impeccable moral compass which will lead Atlantic Beach the right direction.  I grew up in Atlantic Beach and am a current resident of neighboring Neptune Beach. Although I can not vote for her, Atlantic Beach is important to me.   Atlantic Beach residents, you can get no one better than Ellen to represent you and unify your city. Strong dedicated leaders in each beach community is imperative to maintain a powerful and united beaches voice.


MIKE M., former FBI colleague 

The citizens of Atlantic Beach would be fortunate to have such an engaged, passionate, focused individual as their mayor.


STERLING O., former FBI colleague 

When I found out Ellen was interested in running for Mayor, I was excited for the future of Atlantic Beach.  ELLEN IS A LEADER AND A WINNER.  She has demonstrated her successful skills in the FBI both while serving as an active agent and then as the President of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI representing approximately 8,000 members.  Additionally, she voluntarily pursued higher education in an effort to improve herself and to prepare for other challenges, including community service. 


JIM B., former FBI colleague

You have more energy than any one I know. I am pleased to support your run for mayor. I wish you lived in my town. Seeing how you made so many positive changes to the Society (of Former Special Agents of the FBI), I have no doubt you can do the same for your town. I vote for you for mayor and Don for Chief of Police.

Ed. f., former FBI colleague

I have known Ellen Glasser for about ten years through our mutual membership in the former FBI Agents Society...I have watched her assume voluntary leadership positions in the Society.  She has served on many important committees, the most significant of which involved wounded warriors, and her presence has always been felt.  She recently served as the National President of the Society, the first President to serve a two-year term as well as being the first woman to serve in that position, which may be of interest to some but is likely extraneous to Ellen. 
As National President of the Society, Ellen took the Society to new heights.  She also has been a comfort to the family of, and has been heavily involved in the return of, captured former FBI Agent Bob Levinson.
Ellen is a person of extreme commitment as evidenced by her completing her doctorate degree while also teaching on the college level.